Castle of liars is a game about solving a murder case. You have been tasked to bring the murderer of the lord and protector of the castle to justice. You must do so by finding out from the castle's inhabitants who murderer the lord, with what weapon and at what location. In order to do so you must find out which of the castle's inhabitants is lying and which ones are telling the truth. You must then bring the suspect murderer to justice through trial by combat.


  • Use WASD/Arrow keys or numpad to move (use the thumbstick on the bottom left corner of the screen on the mobile version).
  • Use E or Spacebar (or the interact button on the bottom right corner of the screen on mobile) to interact with weapons/keys/people and inspect the environment. The same keys are also used to strike your opponent during the combat phase.
  • Use F to move into fullscreen mode.
  • Use M to mute the theme song during the investigation phase.


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